The Simplified Choice

National Name Brand Vendors and Your Own Local Vendors All on One Simple to Use and Convenient Ordering Platform

From loan application to closing and beyond, with Simplified it's easy to find the right provider for settlement services. All of the services that a lender needs to apply, process, or close origination or refinance loans are available in one very user friendly safe, secure environment. Lenders can customize their vendor list to make ordering settlement services extremely efficient, or add in one of their own local preferred vendors if one of Simplified's many national providers does not suit for a particular product or loan.

Simplified performs due diligence on all of its top-end national vendors, including annual reviews of a vendor's SOC 1 and/or SOC 2 audit reports, so lenders and loan processors can rest assured that their data is safe, secure, and protected with Simplified and its partner providers.

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Verification Services

Verify employment, social security numbers, and income, all in one place and without repetitive data entry. Simplified provides lenders with the industry’s fastest and most secure method of processing electronic Form 4506-T directly with the Internal Revenue Service.

AVM Solutions

With Simplified, lenders can request a specific Automated Value Model (AVM) or utilize the platform's technology to optimize their ability to receive an AVM that suits their needs for a particular loan.

Home Equity Appraisals

Simplified realizes lenders will require more than what an AVM or Alternate Property Valuation can provide. Lenders now have the ability to not only order a traditional USPAP compliant appraisal, but also the ability to request a Home Equity Appraisal.

Flood Determinations

Simplified offers lenders the ability to order flood determinations for both residential and commercial real estate loans using the leading flood providers with the nation’s largest databases.

Title Products and Insurance

Using Simplified’s Intelligent Cascading Title Products, lenders have the unique opportunity to receive title information in as little as 30 minutes. This information can include recordable legal descriptions, vesting information and parcel identification numbers.

Document Preparation

Simplified provides lenders access to customizable loan documents, including initial disclosures, all tailored to their individual needs. Lenders can create and send initial disclosures, as well as complete, compliant loan document packages.

Property Condition Reports

Using the Simplified platform, lenders can now cost effectively supplement their existing AVMs and Tax Assessed Values with a property physical and neighborhood condition report to not only comply with the Interagency Guidelines, but also to ensure they are making informed decisions on their real estate loans.

Credit Reports

Lenders rely on credit reports to make educated risk management decisions, so Simplified has partnered with Credit Plus to provide lenders with access to credit reports from top reporting agencies nationwide.

Lien Protection

Lien protection via Equiguard is designed to help lenders streamline the closing process for all second position mortgage products. In addition to saving lenders the cost of a title search, institutions also save the time and effort used to clear up discrepancies found in a search.

Property Evaluation Reports

Lenders need an arsenal of options at their disposal to meet different underwriting guidelines. For lenders that require more than what an AVM and PCR can deliver, Simplified offers Property Data Evaluation Solutions.