Key Features

The Simplified Platform

Simplified is a cloud-based platform for ordering settlement services to process and close secured real estate loans. Clients communicate directly with top-tier national and regional vendors or clients can request services directly from their local providers, all within the Simplified platform interface. Simplified tracks orders, reduces data entry and errors for lenders and loan processors, and includes advanced reporting functions such as HMDA reporting, all with a few simple clicks.

Cloud-Based Interface

All you need is access to the internet. The Simplified platform supports all major internet browsers, including Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, and Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE7 through IE11).

Customizable Account Setup

Our security model allows for a customizable setup that meets your organization's particular needs. Simplified supports access via different teams, divisions, branches, cost centers, organizational units, and groups, all within the same organization. Every user receives a unique profile, allowing loan processors to specify for each individual group or user on the Simplified platform which settlement services and what borrower data that individual group or user should have access to view or order.

Large Scale Secure Data Storage

Our robust database infrastructure is located in multiple geographically-disbursed data centers for maximum redundancy and availability. Our cloud-based architecture provides lenders with unlimited data storage and access to data, until the end of our retention policy for data expiration.

Integrated Access to Top Service Providers

The Simplified platform is integrated with national top-tier service providers to deliver settlement services in a seamless, fluid system. The platform is also capable of supporting other software platforms that a client may use via the Simplified Import/Export tool functionality. Simplified, with no set up costs, also allows for customizable integrations with a loan processor's vendors of choice.

Reduced Data Entry

Once basic data for a loan has been imported or entered into Simplified, it's just a few clicks to order services from Simplified's service partners. Many products are returned instantaneously, so loan processors can quickly make sophisticated, fact-based decisions throughout the loan process.

Address verification data is updated monthly, with new address and ZIP code data provided by the United States Postal Service.

Intelligent Cascading

In addition to standard point and click ordering, the Simplified platform features custom configurations that allow lenders to set up shortcuts to their preferred products for ease of ordering, or view a variety of different options based on borrower's data.

Consolidated Communications

When ordering reports requiring site visits, the platform allows clients to communicate directly with vendors to manage schedules, discuss results, and check order status online.

Profiles and Shortcuts

Lenders can combine local vendors with Simplified's top-tier national vendors, and have access to a unique, compliant solution for servicing and monitoring their specific types of loans.

Comprehensive Searching

The Simplified Dashboard and Search pages are designed to find data quickly. Clients can search by name, loan number, property address or order number to quickly find the data needed. After logging into the platform, a user's personalized Dashboard displays their recent history, and automatically archives loans on the go, so there is never any housekeeping.

Useful Reports

We have designed a set of management-level reports to give institutions a quick and easy top-level view of their ordering history. Our invoices contain downloadable spreadsheets of all order data for accurate reconciliation and records, including both services billed through the platform and services ordered through the platform but paid directly to the vendor.

HMDA Reporting

With the Simplified platform, lenders can export Flood data in the official HMDA reporting format.

Knowledgeable Support

As a vendor management company, Simplified's support center can help both to train individual users in accessing the platform and services and consult with management regarding the best solutions of products and services to fit your institution's particular loan requirements.

At a Glance

  • Cloud-based Services Platform
  • Single Click Ordering
  • Import/Export Features
  • Integrated with Top Vendors
  • Automated Map Plotting
  • Automated Address Verification
  • Duplicate Order Error Check
  • Consolidated Monthly Billing
  • Vendor Managed Due Diligence
  • Appraisal Estimator Tool
  • Document Preparation Services
  • Quick and Advanced Search Capabilities
  • Unlimited Data Storage for Reports
  • Integrated Vendor Communications
  • Notification System for Lenders
  • No License Fees or Access Fees
  • No Software to Buy or Download