Purchase and Refinance Solutions

  • All Services for Purchase or Refinance Loans
  • One User-Friendly and Safe Ordering Platform
  • No Repetitive Data Entry or Errors
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All of the services that a lender needs to process or close any real estate secured loan are available in one very user friendly safe, secure environment. Using the Simplified Platform, a lender can order initial disclosures, flood determinations, full appraisals, title insurance, complete compliant full document packages as well as closing, income verification, employment verification and SSN confirmation.

With Simplified, lenders have the ability to create short-cuts on their interface in order to make ordering settlement services extremely efficient. Using this unique method removes the opportunity for ordering services that are not required, while still maintaining the option of requesting additional services that a lender may desire for individual loans.

There are no annual fees, no separate service charges, no license fees, and no transaction costs for lenders when using the Simplified platform to purchase services from Simplified's national vendor partners. Lenders receive the benefit of Simplified's volume-based pricing, along with our strenuous due diligence review and certification for our vendor partners, all available on the leading settlement services platform design for no additional cost to use or access the platform.

Whether a borrower is around the corner or across the country, a lender can track and communicate with any of our top tier national vendors or one of their own choosing.

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