Portfolio Monitoring Solutions

  • Monitor and Service your Loan Portfolio
  • Tax Monitoring, Insurance Monitoring

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Once a loan has closed and funded, there is still work that needs to be done. Lenders must ensure that their interests are taken care and protected as agreed. Simplified can assist help.

Simplified has partnered with the leading providers in the mortgage industry to assist lenders in monitoring and protecting their assets. Lenders can ensure that all mortgage taxes are paid on time (including HOA dues) to avoid losing their lien position, while periodically checking on the value of their real estate portfolio to stay aware and be proactive of any red-flags.

Whether a lender needs to monitor the loan to make sure their collateral is insured; that the value is consistent with their, records; or the taxes have been paid, Lenders can monitor and service loans directly via the Simplified platform interface with a few simple clicks.

There are no annual fees, no separate service charges, no license fees, and no transaction costs for lenders when using the Simplified platform to purchase loan servicing reports or monitor loans from Simplified's national vendor partners. Lenders receive the benefit of Simplified's volume-based pricing, along with our strenuous due diligence review and certification for our vendor partners, all available on the leading settlement services platform design for no additional cost to use or access the platform.

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