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At Simplified, we can customize a solution for every lender’s needs. Whether your borrower is around the corner, or across the county, we have a solution geared for your particular loan. Lenders can utilize and create preferred vendors for particular settlement services within their individual interface so that there is no confusion from their loan processors as to what products or services to order. If a loan requires a different service than what the lender's preferred vendor has available, lenders may choose from a number of other services and providers to accommodate most any requirement to process and close a loan.

Choose from a variety of compliant property valuations that will meet or exceed your expectations. Whether your needs are as simple as an AVM and a PCR, or whether you require a USPAP Home Equity Appraisal or a full appraisal, we have an array of valuation services for lenders and loan processors.

Lenders are free to choose from any of Simplified's preferred service providers or to add a local vendor of their own selection, all available and integrated within one login screen and interface for ease of access, simple and efficient to order. Users can effectively and efficiently manage orders and receive reports directly from the Simplified interface, allowing lenders to track documents from acceptance to completion.

There are no annual fees, no separate service charges, no license fees, and no separate transaction costs for lenders when using the Simplified platform to purchase services from Simplified's national vendor partners. Lenders receive the benefit of Simplified's volume-based pricing, along with our strenuous due diligence review and certification for our vendor partners, all available on the leading settlement services platform for no additional cost. As is always the case with Simplified, you only pay for what you order.

Whether a borrower is around the corner or across the country, lenders can track and communicate with any of our top tier national vendors or one of their own choosing.

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