Customized Solutions for Lenders

  • Your Customized Look
  • Your Own Vendors
  • Your Institution's Logo
  • Your Complete Choice

Simplified can customize a solution for every lender’s needs. Within the Simplified platform itself, lenders and loan processors have a variety of choice and customizable options available as to which services to order. Lenders can utilize and create preferred vendors for particular settlement services within their individual interface, including customizing the products and services available for selection by a lender's loan processors  for various types of loans.

Lenders may choose from Simplified's preferred service providers or add in local vendors of their own selection; the lender's selected vendors are then integrated within one login screen and interface for ease of access.

Simplified is also able to create custom login screens with a lender's own logo or preferences pre-loaded. Contact us for more details if you have a particular project or integration in mind.

As always, there are no annual fees, no separate service charges, no license fees, and no transaction costs for lenders using the Simplified platform to purchase services from our national vendor partners. Lender accounts receive the benefit of Simplified's volume-based pricing, along with our strenuous due diligence review and certification for our vendor partners, on the leading settlement services purpose-specific designed platform,  for no additional cost to use or access the platform.

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