Small Business/Commercial

  • Commercial Lending Solutions for Loan Processors
  • Commercial Flood Determination
  • Commercial Valuations for Land or Exterior Only
  • Tax Monitoring for Commercial Properties

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Simplified is proud to offer certain commercial lending solutions for loan processors and lenders. Via Simplified's existing vendor relationships, lenders for commercial loans can order on one easy platform their commercial flood determinations, commercial valuations for land or exterior only, as well as interior/exterior valuations for those lenders who do not require a full commercial appraisal but need to confirm the value of the commercial property. Lenders can also monitor the property tax on commercial properties to ensure that their loan position is protected.

There are no annual fees, no separate service charges, no license fees, and no transaction costs for lenders when using the Simplified platform to purchase services from Simplified's national vendor partners. Lenders receive the benefit of Simplified's volume-based pricing, along with our strenuous due diligence review and certification for our vendor partners, all available on the leading settlement services platform design for no additional cost to use or access the platform.

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