About Us

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Settlement Services... Simplified

Simplified Lending Solutions LLC (Simplified) is a privately held company located in Austin, Texas. Founded in 2014, the company provides vendor management solutions to mortgage lenders nationwide.

Simplified is built to deliver to mortgage lenders and other industry professionals a complete coverage solution from application to closing. Utilizing Simplified, our clients can order and communicate directly with top-tier national and regional vendors, or request services from their preferred local vendors, all within one interface. The Simplified Platform saves time, reduces costs, tracks orders, eases data entry and errors, and provides for advanced reporting functions such as HMDA reporting with a few simple clicks of the mouse.

Simplified has licensed rights to the proprietary platform designed by its affiliate company, Lender Platform, LLC ("Lender Platform").  Lender Platform, in conjunction with hundreds of lenders, built and designed their proprietary system over the course of several years. With over 200 lender clients already using the Lender Platform technology since 2013, Simplified is confident in its stability and best in class performance.






The Simplified Management Team

Experienced Leaders with a History of Success

The Simplified management team has more than 75 years of combined industry experience. Among the team are  realtors, loan officers, mortgage brokers, attorneys, investors, and bank owners. The Simplified management team came together to do one thing: offer clients a fresh approach to settlement services via  a secure, technologically advanced, and intuitive to use platform.


Our Partners

Top National Settlement Service Providers

Simplified brings together top-tier national and regional vendors in the settlement services industry to offer a unique suite of products. We help our clients configure their own set of services, including local providers that meet their specific lending, regulatory and investor requirements. Learn more about the national vendors that have partnered to sell their services with Simplified.

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